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Welcome to the Stonethrowers Hosting Center.

Here you will find all the approved promotional materials for any advertising you may be doing for your event. If you are in need of something not found here, please contact us and we will get you what you need.

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Bio Information

Sandi is a teacher and an intercessor and she moves in the prophetic and healing gifts to edify believers through hope, strength and truth of the Word of God. Sandi has a passion to see ministry leaders, and all of God’s people, fulfill their God-given calling and Kingdom destiny of walking in dominion as God’s ambassadors on the Earth.
Marla is passionate about making others aware of the nearness of God through worship. She leads worship and teaches workshops designed for worship leaders and teams using a curriculum she has written by the revelation of Holy Spirit. She desires to impart her gifts and skills for prophetic worship encouraging leaders to leave their talent-based ministry behind and step into worship that is sensitive and responsive to Holy Spirit.

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